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Directions to the
Belgrade Lakes Region

From the North

Merge onto I-95 South, 56.0 miles
Take the ME-11/ME-137 exit, Exit 127, toward Waterville/Oakland
Turn right onto Kennedy Memorial Drive/ME-11/ME-137
Turn onto Belgrade Road/ME-11.  Continue to follow ME-11.  7.6 miles
Turn slight right onto Cemetery Road/ME-135.  Cemetery Road is 0.2 miles past Childs Lane, 0.5 miles.
Take the 1st right onto Augusta Road/ME-27.  Continue to follow ME-27.  4.8 miles.
Welcome to Belgrade Lakes, Maine.

From the South

Merge onto I-95 North toward Maine Turnpike North/Portland/Augusta (Portions toll).
Merge onto I-295 North via Exit 44 toward South Portland/Downtown Portland (Portions toll).
I-295 North becomes I-95 North (Portions toll).
Merge onto ME-27 North via Exit 112B toward Augusta/Belgrade 14.7 miles
Welcome to Belgrade Lakes, Maine.

From the East: Camden, Maine

Start out going southwest on Elm Street W/US-1 toward Washington Street. 
Continue to follow US-1 2.0 miles
Turn right onto West Street/ME-90.  West Street is 0.1 miles past Pleasant Street.  2.7 miles
Turn right onto Rockland Street/ME-17.  Continue to follow ME-17 35.3 miles
Turn right onto Stone Street/ME-9 North/ME-17
Enter next roundabout and take the 3rd exit onto Cony Street 0.2 miles
Cony Street becomes Bridge Street 0.3 miles
Turn right onto ME-11/ME-27/Me-8.  Continue to follow ME-27.
ME-27 is just past Crosby Street, 16.6 miles.
Welcome to Belgrade Lakes, Maine.

From the West: Bethel, Maine

Start out going south on Mill Hill Road toward Lauberge Lane, 0.06 miles
Turn right to stay on Mill Hill Road, 0.2 miles
Turn right onto ME-5/Lovers Lane, 0.7 miles
Turn right onto West Bethel Road/US-2/ME-5.  Continue to follow US-2, 22.5 miles
Stay straight to go onto ME-108/Bridge Street.  Continue to follow ME-108. 4.9 miles
Turn left onto North Main Street, 0.3 miles.
Turn right onto River Road/US-2/ME-17.  Continue to follow US-2 East, 18.0 miles
Turn right onto Depot Street/ME-156.  Continue to follow ME-156
ME-156 is 0.1 miles past Thompson Street
Turn left onto Zions Hill Road/ME-156.  Continue to follow ME-156, 0.2 miles
Take the 1st right onto Lucy Knowles Road/ME-156, 2.7 miles
Turn left onto ME-41/Me-156/Vienna Road.  Continue to follow ME-41/Me-156, 0.1 mile
Stay straight to go onto Croswell Road/ME-41, 0.4 miles
Turn right onto Farmington Falls Road/US-2/ME-27.  Continue to follow US-2/ME-27
Turn right onto Mile Hill Road/ME-27.  Continue to follow ME-27, 10.1 miles
Welcome to Belgrade Lakes, Maine.