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7 Lakes Alliance


Maine Lakes Resource Center (BLA)

The 7 Lakes Alliance combines the unique assets and impressive histories of the Maine Lakes Resource Center and the Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance.


We seek to engage local communities in protecting clean water, well stewarded land, and a vibrant economy for the benefit of all. Combining cutting-edge scientific knowledge, respect for the region’s natural heritage and local traditions, inclusive priority setting, and collaborative problem solving, 7 Lakes Alliance will create a culture of conservation that celebrates and protects the area’s geographically and economically diverse community.


New mission: “Conserving the lands and waters of the Belgrade Lakes Region for all”.



Contact Information:

Laura Rose Day, President & CEO

7 Lakes Alliance

137 Main Street
Belgrade Lakes, Maine 04918


Mailing Address

PO Box 250

Belgrade Lakes, ME 04918-0250


By Boat

Via Great Pond, Mill Stream

just south of the Village Inn


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Phone: (207) 495-6039
Gallery: (207) 495-3617
Fax: (207) 495-3611